Welcome to our web site, and thank you for taking the time to learn
more about our firm. Since 2005, we at Joey D Investigations, has
assisted  both individual and corporate clients around the world to
serving legal documents, locating debtors, lost family members,
friends, property, assisting corporate clients in background checks on
employees and all other general  investigations. Applying rigorous
energy, experience, and resourcefulness to every project we accept, our
members are dedicated to your success.
Areas of Expertise
Here at Joey D Investigations, expertise in our field is what makes us
different from the competition. We are located in Birmingham, Alabama
and cover the whole state and can even have work done nationwide
through a network of investigators.  We have always worked to become
the best and put honor and integrity into everything we do.  We have one
of the most highest success rates in process serving and also getting that
extra bit of information for you to help you on the legal side.  We are the
most reliable and honest when it comes to doing business and will not
give up or stop until the job is completely finished.  We advertise that we
can find anyone / anywhere across the country and have an 85% success
rate doing just that.  There is always that one person that may have
joined the circus or living on a boat in the middle of the ocean that makes
finding them that more difficult and sometimes just cant be found.  But,
we do use state of the art technology and databases to track them down
even if it takes a bit longer then expected.  Give us a call today to speak
to an investigator free of charge about your investigative needs.
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