Client Testimonials
"After wasting time and money on people searching on the Internet with companies that promised everything and
delivered very little, I decided to recruit the services of a professional. They do  not come more professional than
Joey D Investigations."
"My request was answered quickly and efficiently, and the the company produced the result, which was finding
someone who skipped, in under three hours! I had never used a P.I before, but there is no doubt that if I ever
need one again it will be  Joey Danforah at Joey D Investigations."
                                    Tom From Birmngham, AL
Dear Joey:

We, the family of Jacob xxxxxx would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for your investigation and
recovery of Jacob who has been missing for almost a year now.  We listed him with the National Exploited and
Missing Children Foundation and up until 3 weeks ago we had no leads, contacts, or any information on his
whereabouts.  We were feeling hopeless and helpless until we finally were refered to you 3 weeks ago.
At that time, we gave you any and all information we had on Jacob and his mother, who did not have custody and
had taken off with him on December 24, 2006.
We were all at a loss and missed him very much and we were more concerned about his saftey with his drug
addicted mother  who abducted him.  Within 3 days after we talked with you on the phone you had located them
and saw Jacob, which at that time you were not sure if it was him or not.  You spent hours upon hours watching
the house, asking questions, showing photos, talking with the public and local Law Enforcement.  
After you had gathered all of the information and we had collected all the legal papers for you, we were ready to
make our move.  As a result of all of your work, you had put a lot of pressure on the mother and she willingly
came forward after almost a year on the run from Kansas and returned Jacob to his custodial father and family.  
You were such a friend to us and we felt you really cared about our situation.  You gave us hope when there was
none and you made it possible for us to get Jacob back.  Thank you so very much for what you have done.  Jacob is
in a better home now with people who love and care for him.

Again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

11/8/07                              Jacob xxxxxx and Family from Kansas

            (CHILD ABDUCTION)
Hi Joey,
" I just wanted to write and say thank you for your wonderful service in our federal case.  It’s always a gamble
when depending on out of state process servers and I was pleasantly surprised with not only the customer service
but the also the determination of your company to get the job done – especially with the dog the witness kept
releasing on your process server!"

Thank you again, I will be using and referring you in the future.  

Kathleen Coleman,
Paralegal to Theodore R. Doran, Esq.
Dear Joey:

I wanted to thank you for the unrivaled service you recently provided in serving my legal documents.  I had
previously utilized the Sheriff's Department before I found you.  I feel like the Sheriff's Office had given me a
complete run-around.  I ended up having to get a continuance on my case when the Deputy didn't complete his
Return of Service properly.  For the second attempt, I sent them papers advising them of my deadline and they
sat on the paperwork for nearly a week until the deadline had passed even though I pleaded with them to
attempt service earlier.  Not to mention that every time I called I was told by the receptionist that she didn't
know the status of the serve because the Deputy had my papers and he wasn't in at the time.

It was then that I found you on the internet.  You answered my call immediately and served my papers that
same evening!  I was amazed at your expertise and efficiency.  Even though this was my first dealing with you,
you have already won my respect and confidence.  What a vast difference it makes to deal with someone like you
who not only talks to their customers personally but also takes their job seriously!  You can rest assured I will
keep your name on my Rolodex and refer all my colleagues to you for process serving in your area.  Thank you
so much!

                                                                                                         Sincerely yours,
Tina A.
                                                                                Enid, OK